Using a videogame in the classroom could be an alternative approach to teaching and lesson plan preparing. Gran Sasso Videogame can be a useful tool to encourage students and get them involved in modern physics and its multidisciplinarity.

When playing the game the player gets into the challenges of real experiments, which are not only physics related, but also have to do with technology and other science fields (e.g. electronics, chemistry or computing).

In order to play the game you can go to the videogame webpage nd follow the instructions (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari are supported).

Internet connection is required for the starting download phase only. After that offline playing is possible. The game can be easily played on pc, tablet or smartphone.

If you tried the game fill out the survey and help us to improve it.

No prior experience or knowledge are needed to go forward in the game, so that different-aged students can interact.

Here below you can find some material as a support to the educational process: in-depth articles related to research areas, sketches and graphic material, tips for using the videogame in the classroom and examples for lesson plan preparing.

Double beta decay

Double beta decay without neutrino emission, it has never been observed

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Nuclear astrophysics

Reproduces the nuclear reaction occurring in stars by hitting different types of targets with charged particle beans

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Dark matter

Our current knowledge covers only about 15% of the matter in the Universe. The remaining 85% is dark matter, of which we know virtually nothing

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Solar neutrinos

They come from the core of the sun, they are among the most elusive particles of the Universe and very large and radio pure detectors are necessary to detect them

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Concept art

Art and graphic material used to create Gran Sasso Videogame

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Tips and examples for lesson plan preparing

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Discover the experiments and help the alien to get back home!

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